Chester Bennington's Death Certificate, Suicide by Hanging with a Belt


Chester Bennington's death certificate confirms the details we knew ... that the 41-year-old singer committed suicide with a belt.

According to the doc, obtained by TMZ, the Linkin Park singer died at 9:08 AM in his residence on July 20. The immediate cause of death is listed as hanging.

Chester's referred to as a "rock star musician" on the certificate, and had been in the music biz since he was 14 years old.

We broke the story ... Bennington died in his home nearly 2 weeks ago.



its stated that the 911 call was made before 9am that's when the housekeeper seen chester hanging and ran out to notify the driver that didn't check him to see if he was still alive but made the call to report what she seen.. so why has the coroner stated that he dies at 9:08am?? does this mean that there could of been time for someone to save chester? if that man just went up to see if chester still had a pulse instead of waiting in the car, maybe he had time to revive chester before it was to late, if its stated his body shut down at 9:08 than why weren't these people urged to take him down and give him cpr. that guy didn't know if he was alive so there looks like there could've been a chance before his heart stoped instead they waited outside until after 9am for the help so by the time help got up there it was to late. more should of been done that morning. very upsetting.


I would like to replace him in his band if that would be possible one thing for certain I won't be passing away by Suicide with all respect to him and his family the music he wrote set himself up for his collapse as a man and kept him in a weak minded mode 14 years is a little while that's how long it took for him to fall in the Trap that Satan set for him I pray the Lord forgives him it's in his hands now God bless you guys for listening to what I had to say


TMZ also missed reporting he was cremated. Rest in peace Chester, your music touched my life profoundly, you will never be forgotten!


Regardless of your own personal thoughts, no one knows another's journey. The mere fact Chester had what would appear to be it all only furthers the need to keep your own opinion to yourself. Like most, I too remain confused but it's not my place to judge. It IS my place to be appreciative of his gift for the time he chose to share. Walk in peace Chester, if you truly felt this was you're answer, I hope it gave you the comfort you so desired and required. Life for all of us is a TEMPORARY GIFT, if you can walk, talk, think, see and breathe, there are many who only wish they had what you have. Be grateful for the small things because it's all the small things that matter most. God speed to all those who walk with such pain, just know that it's ok to feel, and feeling such ways can help you appreciate the happier moments. Never think that no one will understand and never think you will be judged if you share such thoughts. It's YOUR life you are living and another's s thoughts or opinion does NOT matter. YOU MATTER to someone and allowing yourself to be honest with yourself is the first step in understanding. At the very least, reach out to someone, you might just hear another perspective that may be what you needed to get through your struggle.


Love4Evr. The struggle is real and damn hard. I hope you've been able to find the peace you couldn't find here. You won't be forgotten!


And now he's in Hades.


And now he's in hell.


Just dont think people understand what he meant by saying he had just grown tired of it all. Someone who fights addiction then hurts themself by breaking his leg the way he did. This had to have been a major setback. No one can even begin to imagine what was going on in his head and the pain he might have been suffering. Its just such a final decsion to something that might not have to have been. So sad.


I'm never going to get to go to a concert by my favorite band now.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭


RIP Chester. I am doing everything I can not to end up dying the way you did. Your music saved my life more than once. But we can't always save ourselves when the pain runs so deep.


Let him Rest In Peace already.


Who throws a rock concert style funeral then acts surprised, when guests sell the memorabilia from it? Who immortalizes a drug addict alcoholic who chooses to destroy the lives of his 6 kids? This entire scenario is beyond belief. I wouldn't want my children exposed to drug addicts and alcoholics or situations of this nature. Who in their right mind would? People interested in big bucks, that's who.


Chez, I wish there would have been someone there to save you from yourself! I tried because I could not deal with my Mom's death. Someone was there to undo what I was trying to do. Peace, my friend!


Ok we get it. 😩


It also gives the information he was cremated and not buried, I see you failed to pick up on that. Oh well, good for the family - I had a feeling this private memorials never stay private. Burying him next to Chris Cornell would have just been a Mecca for weird fans Instagram posts.


My heart is soo heavy! I don't know if I can get over this!! I just want to be where he is 😢😢


I'm glad we can finally put this behind us.


My heart ❤️ totally goes out to his children whom he loved, and their mommy. Stay positive. He would want that. Support needs to go out for mental health awareness. It's a disease. ( that CAN be treated)


so sad. i was one of his zillion fans. i hope that Chaz finds peace wherever he is. always in our hearts.


In the end it doesn't even matter..

Ba da tssss


Why are you here to complain about it being here?




How can you grew tired of it all? He got $$$$$$$$$.... he could retired
and buy himself a smaller house and a honda. And just pay child support
until his kids turn 18. Just be a regular person.


He grew tired of it all. RIP Chester... see ya next time around.


I also read on the certificate that there was a bottle of hotel hand lotion on the floor and his hand was around his Johnson.


Crooked Donald thinks the White House is a dump.


Harv thinks he is the Death guy from Final Destination.




I was worried someone was lying and really he slipped on a banana peel.


this site has no damn shame and the commenters are even worse. :/


not sure why the public seems to worship gutless, selfish jackholes like this who willingly and deliberately leave 6 children fatherless.


What a bum!!


By now, Chester's eyes have popped out of his head. In 2 weeks, it will be his hair. RIP.


He died the same way Chris Cornell & Robbin Williams did!

RIP my brother!!!


Could they literally keep beating a dead horse over this old story. We know he hung himself with a belt, we knew that the first day, jesus. Let this man rest. TMZ are vultures, picking away every juicy's repugnant.

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