Las Vegas Shooter's Hotel Room, Strewn with Bullets and Rifles

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The Mandalay Bay hotel room where the Las Vegas shooter opened fire was littered with bullets and his arsenal of high-powered weapons.

Video, obtained by TMZ, shows one rifle, still on a bipod, just inside the demolished door to the suite. You can see the damage left after police blew up the door to get to Stephen Paddock ... who had already killed himself by that point.

Photos obtained by Boston25 news showed even more weapons and ammo scattered on the floor.

All told, police say Paddock had 23 firearms in the hotel room -- plus 19 more guns, explosives and several thousand rounds of ammo in his Mesquite, Nevada home.



This is not about race, gun control, politics, or conspiracies theories . We lost innocent fellow Americans and that sucks it is not fair it is disruptive and deeply sad/ a sadness non-victims of this tragedy can understand--- a sadness only those who lost can even comprehend.

That said, let's not use he tragedy for political gain. Lord knows if you hate trump there is enough info out there to make sure he is never reelecyed--

And certainly let us not dare judg a vicim (Aldean) till we've walked in their shoes


Prayers, love, and support to families of all victims. I won't pretend I know what you are going through. But I'm praying and here for you if you neee anything ❤️


Where is the Vegas security-cam video of the shooter ? The city, casinos, elevators, airport etc. is wired with cameras. But the media just repeats that single raspy photo of the shooter, instead. And, had his blood toxicology been released ? And, why bring way more rifles to the hotel than required - was he expecting other shooters to be helping him ?


Bullets do NOT have names. A police officer told me that years ago, and it made sense. They do NOT have "hit a man" or "hit a woman". Bullets do NOT have "hit the white lady in the red jeans". Bullets are made to kill, period, no matter who you are. All of these racist comments are just inappropriate. As high up in the rooms as the murderer was, he could not have possibly known who he was killing, and I don't think he really cared who he was killing.


Hillary is behind this I bet


He ordered room service before this rampage? Wow.


Where's the belt fed guns that were used?


Theory: a member of Isis meets Steve Paddock several months ago in a casino, they strike up a friendship. This Isis member discovers that Steve is a Gun/weapons enthusiast. Steve doesn't realize this person is a member of Isis...he just thinks he is a "new friend". The Isis member convinces Steve (who is always generous to "friends") to book the hotel room at the Mandalay on that particular day (knowing their will be an event). Steve books the room expecting to party with friends. Isis members take over the room, kill Steve by shooting him and take over the room with their arsenals and they commit the tragedy. They leave before cops get there. The blame goes to Steve. Just a thought...Wild and crazy...but nobody has considered this?


So happy that WHITE PEOPLE are experiencing WHITE PAIN.


I bet he shot himself in the back of the head too.


Good now we don't have to hear reeko and the cans complain,we need a fresh new disaster every week.


What is with Americans and their obsession with guns? Do you seriously not see that guns and racism are destroying your country? What is wrong with you??


I’m buying more guns


Sweet Caroline...dun dun dun

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