Harvey Weinstein Recorded Asking Model to Watch Him Shower in Sting Operation

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The Harvey Weinstein scandal just got exponentially worse -- he was caught on tape asking a model to watch him shower ... and the recording was just released.

The New Yorker put out the audio Tuesday in a new bombshell report with women -- including actress Asia Argento -- claiming the Hollywood producer committed rape and sexual assault -- far more serious than just the alleged chronic harassment reported by The New York Times.

The new report also includes audio of Weinstein captured by a Filipina-Italian model named Ambra Battilana Gutierrez as part of a 2015 NYPD sting operation ... where you hear Weinstein beg the woman to come in his room and watch him shower ... to her great displeasure. 

He also admits to groping her breast and saying "I'm used to that" ... promising he won't do it again if she just comes inside. He eventually dismisses her when she refuses ... for like the 10th time.

The NYPD was reportedly ready to arrest Weinstein for his conduct, but there wasn't enough to charge him. According to a statement from the Manhattan DA's Office ... they would have prosecuted Weinstein in 2015 if they could have, but "the audio was insufficient to prove a crime."

Weinstein's already been fired from his own company ... only time will tell what else happens to him now.





As a man... u have to be such a loser 2. Eg women to watch u bathe.. u had NO power, contrary to what you project. Just an insecure little fatso from Queens


Now Harvey is off to take a shower in Europe.


TMZ is deleting comments.


TMZ has done away with the other Harvey comments. Left wing scumbags.


this Weinstein drama is jamming up my feed Donald royce


So it comes to this....which power broker did he piss off so much that he had the rug pulled out from him. This is orchestrated too well.


Does this man think for one minute that any woman in the world would be turned on watching this gr==ose hairy over weight man take a shower? Has he ever looked in a mirror?


Yep, he's a Democrat and Clinton supporter alright.


I know Weinstein didn't DO IT! He's innocent like OJ! I also believe Benghazi was started by the film Gigle with Jenifer Lopez, Tywanna Brawley is a victim, Al Sharpton is a journalist, CNN is real news, the View TV show isn't a bunch of khnykos and the Russians ruined Hillary chances of winning!



Harvey wasn't arrested in 2015 because Obama was President in 2015? All dirt bags, the whole lot of them.


you see this alot in cases like this, If this was recorded 2yrs ago in a sting by the NYPD why is this just coming out now? Same as all these famous actresses coming out now? I get it he is a powerful figure, but once you became famous, why not come out?


This dude talks too much and needs to step up his game and just grab some coodie-cat like Donnie--The Art of the GRAB.


Much as I hate this cretin dotard cofeve I never heard him ask her to watch him shower. He says he's going to have a shower but not that he wants her to watch. Did I miss something?


Pathetic loser


So if she didnt come in, he was no longer going to be friends with her. Talk about manipulation.


Damn, this dude is D E S P E R A T E. I hope they lock him up.


He's a total P I G, disgusting, makes her feel like she's causing him to be embarrassed at hotel, he deserves to lose everything,


Asia Argento obviously was so messed up by this (PTSD)she has left the business completely.




This is the kind is scandal where we later hear he committed suicide. 😨


What a disgusting pig. Trying to make HER feel like she’s behaving badly by “embarrassing” him...


Harvey lied about ever taking a shower.


the Democrat party is run by the most evil people.


I have a shower and you rum as fast as ya can. Honey


What's a Jewish creep?


Where's the democrat outrage? This is unacceptable and criminal behavior! Where's the skits on SNL. They decided to not do any skits depicting democrats. SNL is a left wing hate group who mocks Republicans but not democrats. They spew out hatred every week toward President Trump and it's more of the same but only this time protecting Weinstein and his criminal acts.

Democrats are the enemy. The DC and Vegas shooters were celebrated by many democrat groups and then they want to take away our guns. Guns are what protect us from hate groups who fan the flames of hate (SNL, CNN, ESPN, NFL, NBA). We will keep your guns, love our families, stand for the National Anthem and support our Armed Forces.



He swears on his kids he won't do anything....I feel bad for his wife and kids. Harvey got away with it for so long he thought he was Bill Cosby. .


but but he's a democrat , he's a wonderful man , unlike that donald trump fella .. just ask anyone of the precious hollywood snow flakes. and now for the pigpile .. .


Jennifer Lawrance and Zendaya had no problems getting in the bathtub 🛁 with him


What a creep


well of course she is going to say the right things when she is wearing a wire. are we going to ignore that crucial bit of info?

It's like knowing a camera is focused on you. you tend to come correct right?


so this gold digger I am sure led Harvey on, and basically had him in an uncomfortable situation where she was looking to make him look bad and she succeeded in her mission


Classic power hungry power move. Harvey is a small human being. I hope he gets his in the big house.


Probably molested half of hollywood.


Creepy Clowns...Harvey Weinstein, Bill Clinton, Joe Biden.


I wonder if he got a hold of Jessica alba


Unbelievable.... and the Hollywood liberals covered for this guy for years???? Shame on you Myrle Streep now we know how you got all the good roles.

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