Jason Aldean's Message to Evildoers in Onstage Return: 'F*** You!!!'

Jason Aldean's triumphant return to the stage included a message to domestic terrorists -- "f*** you!!!"

The country star resumed his concert tour Thursday night in Tulsa, OK and opened with comforting words for the Las Vegas shooting victims. As you know, Jason -- who canceled shows in L.A., San Diego and Anaheim in the aftermath -- was onstage when the shots rang out.

Jason said the 58 people killed are always on his mind but he also thinks about fans who weren't shot but were traumatized by the experience. He said, "Even though people may not have physical injuries it's gonna be a mental thing for a lot of people for a long time."

The singer then directed his anger at those trying to make us live in fear.

Watch. Powerful stuff.



Funny, he said the same thing to his fans when they were getting shot


Really he gonna run and hide don't warn nobody now he gonna try and stand up to them why do people worship celebs so much


You better be scared of those WHITE domestic terrorist.


Aldean could have been killed, he was trying to protect his family #familyfirst


Two things disgust me about Aldean—1). He didn’t announce over the PA that people needed to take cover and run. 2). He went on SNL, which makes fun of country music fans, rather than attend the memorial. He really doesn’t deserve fan adulation,


Isn't that what he said when he cancelled all of those shows and go on SNL?


He's repulsive. Didn't like him before & like him even less now.


There are heros who would have stayed in VEgas to help the victims and then there are cowards who run away to SNL.
Hey Aldean which one of those are you?


Let the lord be with each and everyone's family


slackjawed knuckle dragger is making big bank off the tragedy


Dumb inbred redneck


jason's pretty much verified the fact that if u get a music contract these days you have to have sucked off harvey or one of his associates.


i think he meant to say f u right before he ran off the stage leaving his fans to be picked off.


Fat cat don't even know the right number of people who lost their life, he need to stop & go hide for real


Jason Aldean is a cowardly liar who is not welcome back to the state of Nevada.


Oooooooooooooo 😏


Blame the gun makers. Blame the proliferation of ammo and bump stocks. Blame the American culture of guns vs your right to live in a peaceful setting. Blame the NRA. Blame Drumpf. Blame the right for not having balls to stand up and say enough is enough. Nothing will change in America until one of the members in Congress (opposite of Progress) has had their family members killed by guns. Americas love for guns is a mental disorder on par with its love for religion!


i doubt they'll hear that 300 yards away and 32 stories up


Did he scream it from SNL stage


He should end each show with a reenactment of how he handled things the night of the shooting. Run off stage without saying a single word to inform the confused crowd that this is real and they need to evacuate.. then turn the bright house lights on towards the crowd to show how well he lit up everyone for the shooter. Amazing hero he is. Obviously loves his fans.


Looks like he got some new boots, his last pair had holes in the soles from him high tailing exit stage left 😅


I’m staying out of this one I have arguments on both sides! 🤔




Dana White has a similar message for you too.


He can take solace in the fact that Ariana Agrandizay if furious that his show got higher media coverage than her terror fest.


My God. You people are insane. What do you think he should have done? Do you think you all would have just stood on that stage while some maniac was shooting the hell out of the place? Or do you think you possibly might be looking for your pregnant wife? I don't care who was on stage, anybody would have done the same thing. It's basic instinct. As for his music, if you don't like it, don't listen to it.

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