O.J. Simpson: Newly Signed Helmets Selling for a Killing


That was quick ... 

Brand new autographed O.J. Simpson memorabilia has already hit the market -- just 10 days after Juice signed a bunch of helmets in a secret Vegas hotel signing session ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

Steiner Sports -- one of the biggest memorabilia dealers in the business -- just posted two new signed Buffalo Bills helmets in the "new arrivals" section of their website. One is selling for $400. The other, containing O.J.'s Hall of Fame year, is going for $450. 

The website claims the helmets have been "hand signed" by Simpson and the autograph has been deemed "100% authentic."

A rep for Steiner tells us, "So it is clear, Steiner Sports did not hold the signing with O.J. Simpson, but purchased his new autographs from a third party."

Steiner CEO Brandon Steiner tells TMZ Sports, "Collectors collect and O.J. Simpson is a part of sports history for his accomplishments on the field. He’s a Heisman Trophy winner, 10,000+ yard rusher and Hall of Famer. We are just trying to answer the demand of our customers looking to complete their collections."

The big question ... with O.J. merchandise selling in the hundreds of dollars, you gotta wonder if Simpson is being paid for his Hancock. 

If he is, O.J. owes all of it to the Goldman family -- thanks to the wrongful death judgment against him. If O.J. tries to hide the money, he could go back to prison. 

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VERY poor choice of works (killing) in the headline since many believe he got away with murder.


does he have to give that autograph money to the Goldmans and Browns?


such a murdering sleaze.


MEMORABILIA I got it. Worn jailhouse skivvies at a reasonable price get yours while they're hot. Also a hotplate, Steven king novels, and unused roll of tp contact me thru Van the TMZ man


I heard OJ already bagged two white girls.


Of course mr. Lying murderer Oj simpson is getting money. All he has to do, is send it western union under a fake name to a friend, to put in a Swiss bank account. And how is he getting around if his drivers license has expired, and he has no current insuiranCe or registration ? He wants to go to Florida because of their stupid laws, where the Goldmans can not touch his money. He deserves to have his parole REVOKED !!


Fred Goldman need to leave OJ alone. Let the juice do his thang. His signature should be his gain not Fred Goldman. LEAVE THE JUICE ALONE DANG IT! Go OJ! ✌🏾


Congrats to Steiner Sports for sinking to a new low. Brandon Steiner talks about values, hard work, etc. as the cornerstones to his success and others who are successful. It's sinful that he sells OJ's autograph and it's sad that he's justifying it with his comments about satisfying customer demands. Well, this now former customer of Steiner isn't demanding OJ gear and instead is disappointed by the actions of Steiner.


He will return to prison


He'll be back in jail soon enough


If he's not guilty, who is?


Remember Ron and nicole?
Remember Ron and nicole ?


The notion that OJ must pay all money he earns to Goldman family is just plain false. He earned the money and they missed their chance to get it. They cannot demand that money AFTER he has already collected it, only before, and even then they can only recover a small percentage, depending upon the state they are in.


I'm sure the Goldman Family will be happy which ever way the pendulum swings, one way they get money the other he goes back to jail. Happy , Happy.


i hope he gets hit by a bus!


Anyone that would want anything to do with this evil man is just as sick as he is.


Note: personalize "To my good friend, Dndu Nufin Wong"


OJ did his time for his crime. I’d buy a helmet if I didn’t already have a couple of his autographs


From a “third party”, yeah right


OJ needs to be doing hard time working in those southern cotton fields.


The headline to this story says it all.




Imagine Ron Goldman dressed in full-on Hollywood make up, to look like an old lady wanting to take a selfie with OJ.

Ron "takes him out", flees the scene and gets away with it.



Someone out there will be the OWNER of the LAST item O.J. signed.

That item will be worth millions.

These people paying for his autograph are sick in the head.


Let oj keep his money , this is a load of garbage


That is a cool, old-school Bills helmet. Too bad his signature is on it.


What a demon OJ is. Hope he gets busted for hiding $ and goes back to the big house.


Money grabbing Steiner. Cares about the buck, period.


I dont see how the Goldman and Browns can show so much restraint! The way OJ is constantly thumbing his nose at them!


I wonder what the Line in Vegas is on when he will go back to prison


Okay, Harvey, I get it! You were almost booted off covering the trial because you had a reckless mouth that could've derailed the case. However, I am uninterested in hearing everything OJ. Don't care when he poops, eats, or sleeps!


I don’t want to see his face or hear about him.


Get money!!!!!!!


The Browns were NOT a party to the civil suit. The estate of Nicole was awarded $30 MILLION. Kim Goldman was not a party to the suit either. Ron's Father and Mother were.

Every ¢ taken by the Goldmans belongs to Nicole's children.


To the Goldmans and Browns
They have a 30 million dollar judgment


I gave him a Bowie knife to sign


Blood money


He hated being black at his prime but black people still ()ick riding him ...we're such a low esteemed nation it's sad..own up for your mistakes take accountability , N Jozi




I hope he’s forced to pay the families of the people he murdered. Class a scum right there!


I need a jersey


New TV show:
Tracking OJ with your host John Walsh Goldman.




Everytime i say to myself it can't get weirder.... he is back.


The Goldman's and Brown's a are shocked at the Greedy and are completely disgusting Dickerson and the Kardashians! I'm shocked your shocked! These people, Dickerson/ Kardashians are scum of the Earth and this comes as no surprise to us!



The Kardashians are sueing Eric Dickerson over head rights. Chris Kardashian stated that she owns the head because she helped her dead husband get the knife out of the house to protect OJ. Now she is demanding the head. Dickerson responded by saying, "It's my head!"


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