Harvey Weinstein Could Be Silenced and Booted from TWC Board Meeting


Harvey Weinstein could be cut off at the knees at Tuesday's Board of Directors meeting, because there are signs the Board might fire him ... which we're told would guarantee litigation.

Harvey, who is still a member of the Board despite being fired from The Weinstein Co., plans to participate in Tuesday's meeting via speakerphone -- he's currently in Arizona for rehab.

As we reported, Weinstein and his lawyer, Patty Glaser, plan to challenge his firing, claiming there was no basis to remove him from the company based on his Oct. 2015 employment contract.

A source from TWC tells TMZ, "Harvey's role in the meeting will be very limited." We know that's not Weinstein's intention -- he and Glaser plan to fight the firing tooth and nail.

Our Harvey Weinstein sources smell a rat, and believe the Board may start the meeting with a motion to kick him off the Board. If that happens, they can disconnect the speakerphone and kick Glaser out of the boardroom. 

If that happens, there would be no debate over Weinstein's firing, but our sources say it would guarantee a lawsuit. Based on what we know from the contract, Weinstein might have to go to arbitration, but his side believes if the Board fights dirty they'd want this to end up in court.



While it makes me sick that he was doing this for years, it's even more sickening that this COULD HAVE been stopped if the women went to the police to press charges instead of taking $$$ to be quiet. These actresses chose $ and fame over protecting future victims. It's hard for me to take these women seriously but they don't care what other women think anyway. Go ahead and call me victim shaming. I don't care.


The next Harvey Weinstein article is already up.


Of course the Jew wants his job back to touch women and collect money!


This man is sick..,


just kill him!


Why hasn't TMZ reported on Harvey Weinstein and Charlie Sheen becoming a couple?! Everybody in Hollywood knows this! All these secrets are unbearable to not go public already. They are now comforting each other in their loverboys sanctuary in Arizona disguised as rehab.


HARvey will take Hollywood and the Clintons down with him! It’s gonna be GREAT


Where is everyone??!!!


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Jews and Liberals. Again.




As fate would have it, I'm taking a short break from my brief. And what am I writing on? The Instutionalization of Corruption where Individuals, acting for the benefit of the organization NORMALIZE Corruption. Can The Board FIRE 🔥 Weinstein? YES. Is there a Pressing need to do so? No.

He's not been indicted and he hasn't been arrested yet. Besides, he shouldnt be fired upon rumorurs & speculation---the board acted prematurely!!!
. Like the Cosby case, victims need to come forward---that's how our justice system works.

Fighting for principles is a great 👍🏿 thing; on the other hand, so is bringing home The Beans & Rice!!! If fired. Weinstein can make a few phone calls and wreck the company, if not take it down with him. Remember That!!!


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Weinstein, just another culture destroying Jew. No wonder Jews were kicked out of 353 territories historically.


Harvey Weinstein: "If you don't eat THIS honey, you'll never eat lunch in this town again".


Selena Gomez isn’t going to like testifying in this court case....


Hillary Clinton: "Hey Harvey, would you like to give me an all-body massage?"

Weinstein: "I'm too busy. Besides, I just ate."


Harvey Weinstein donated $250,000 to Bill Clinton for his defense against the Monica Lewinskey charges.

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