Lauren Holly Reveals Her Harvey Weinstein Bathroom Horror Story

Lauren Holly says Harvey Weinstein was all business during a meeting in his hotel room ... right up until the moment he ripped off his suit and went to the bathroom in front of her.

The actress, who now lives in Canada, went on daytime talk show "The Social" Monday to speak for the first time about an encounter she says went down in the late '90s. Holly says she wasn't worried about going to Weinstein's hotel room for the meeting -- she says that was common, and he was fully dressed when she arrived.

Lauren says they spoke at length about possible roles, and right in the middle of the conversation he stripped and used the bathroom in front of her. Despite being nude in front of her, she says he never stopped talking business ... even when he jumped in the shower.

However, she says it turned ominous and terrifying when he got out of the shower. Just as scary as the reaction she says she got when she told friends what had happened.

Shades of Angie Everhart, for sure, and more evidence most of Hollywood knew about Weinstein and chose to remain silent.



She has the best breasts in Hollywood.


I guess these women didn't have mothers like mine that taught me how the "cow chews the cabbage" so to speak. She made sure that I learned about men like these and how to handle myself.


Finish the headline!!! "....and she loved it!"


98% of the comments here are as disgusting as Weinstein's behavior. That many of those comments go on to "politicize" inappropriate and illegal behavior (some degrading Democrats with others applauding Trump) speaks volumes.

Lauren Holly states from the outset that she already knew Weinstein previously (without incident), had made a movie with him (without incident) and had met numerous other writers and directors in hotel rooms (without incident). That was the "context" for this meeting. Context confers meaning.

Weinstein was [apparently] talking business throughout the entire meeting. That she might have become momentarily shocked and confused when he took off his robe doesn't seem implausible. That would have had a "paralyzing" effect which isn't (or shouldn't be) too difficult to understand. That's what FEAR does!!!!!!!

But when Weinstein approached her -- and warned her not to leave -- she "pushed him and ran".

Subsequently she was told to "keep her mouth shut" when she shared this experience with others.

There was nothing ignoble or shameful about Holly's behavior -- contrary to the opinions of most on this thread. While there was no assault the experience she describes is consistent with that of many.

That this wasn't mentioned [publicly] until now shouldn't even be remotely surprising. If it is "surprising" -- and is therefore a reason to condemn Holly for coming forth -- is an apt reflection of a "dumbing down phenomenon" in America. And THAT is the takeaway here.


Wow, what a hero?

Speaking up years ago could have changed circumstances.

Talking about this now sounds more like gossip, sad


These women know what they were getting into, if a man says to a woman come up to my hotel room and lets talk that is a big red flap right there, that is not the place people go to discuss legitimate business


Wait a second? what are you doing in his room while he's taking a shower?


Was the meeting between this woman and HW in the bathroom or did he just proceed to do his business on the floor of the hotel room?


Why did she move to Canada, She is a very good actress, I remember her in the shows she has done One was Picket Fences.


As I looked thru the slideshow of the Elites, I had to wonder how many of them had smex with Harvey. Eeeeeewwwww.


Wow. No wonder victims are afraid to speak up. The comments on here make a sane person think the general public is nothing but a bunch of pigs. Stop blaming the victims. And, who's to say, they didn't speak up? Money talks, he probably bought his way out of a lot of horrible things. And, the women on there? Stand up for other women-you sound like a bunch of catty jerks.


these people will lecture you about the environment, illegal immigration, guns, abortion, they know it all
but Harvey they had no idea, bunch of degenerate phonies..When will they launch the Weinstein defense fund like they did for sick Bill?


They all would have said something when it happened but why, They got the part......


As I've said about all the others who are now, 'bravely' coming forward now: TOO LATE!! Your time to be believed/pitied was right after it happened, not YEARS after. No pity for you!


When the conversation starts of with "we had a private meeting in a hotel room" - you know you are screwed. That should have been your 1st hint something is up!!


Isn't she the same one who divorced Jim Carrey and took millions from under the threat of telling his "bedroom life" to everyone?


here comes another one to the ho line


yea,yea, get in line!


Sure..sure he did...anymore maybe the rest of the world's women....piece of baaahaaa


She lives in Canada... so no 1 caress nor GAF. Besides... the social is the usual cheap canadian knock-off of the amerikan cheap knock-off The View. #TRUTH!!


By the late 90s she was only getting made for tv movie roles so she may be lying. Why would he be meeting her by then?? If she said it happened in the early to mid 90s around the dumb & dumber time when she was hot I'd believe her. But late 90s makes me have doubt


All these women gonna be coming out the woodwork trying to act wanted. Ellen gonna come out next week talking bout Harvey tried to get the @$$.




Apparently this guy Harvey harassed every single woman on the face of the planet for the last 30 years and no one said anything until the last few weeks.


Lauren Holly, allegedly sleeeezy, took Jim Carrey for almost everything he had, didn't she. She put the "Ho" in Hollywood:)


Lauren Holly was stunning back in the day, so I’m not surprised anyone tried their luck with her. I’m disgusted, because she didn’t deserve to be treated any less than a lady.


Career pervert his mentally disturbed freak, these accusations are worse than the ones against Bill Cosby


As sad as it is and placing all this aside for a moment.......Any business who insists business meetings be held in Hotel rooms should be de- licensed.

Tell me the Hotels didn’t know 🙄 the rumors......

Anyway, hang him⛓


so he was nude in front of her jumped in the shower, then when he got out she was still there ? that is the problem with some of these women, staying in his room, working and socializing with him after he did these terrible things. now they come forward saying how horrible it was ? pitiful on his part and theirs.


They want the parts in movies, was well known. Yet they lined up for the 🎥 . And for the 💰 ? multiple settlements for similar claims of. Yet many still went to a hotel room.


Does Harvey get some points for going to the effort of being freshly showered before he tries to molest somebody? You'd think Harvey getting in the shower would be a cue to head for the door.


Hey “thats Mary Samsonite”


She got old , dried up , and got hit with the
“ Ugly Stick “.


And you did.
Enough with these victims already, now they're starting to look like fools.
You want to make a difference the freaking people telling you to
"keep your mouth shut" or just stf up already.

We get the picture


Women are such thots


I'm thinking meeting in hotel rooms for business isn't the best idea.


Poor Bieber. The things he did to him


Ladies, stop choosing silence.


He got into character and wanted to rehearse this scene from a new movie he had going. I guess she didn't get the role.


Look at all these fake celebs in da Harvey Weinstein PR foto-ops.... See, this is why he's innocent. All the hypocrites do sheet all after da fact. Smoozing with the accused proves ur no innocent skripper. Same reason why Pill Cosby got off in more ways than one. #TRUTH!!


Harold Weissmuller made a move on me too! And I'm a dog!!!!


No sympathy from me - these women should have spoken out years ago!


Oh! The humiliation of all the celebrities photos. Admiring and probably knowing Weinsteins P🍆CKERED past, while smiling in the pictures.


I hear ya Lauren. Happens to me all the time when I go on job interviews. The interviewer always gets [email protected] right in the middle of it and we continue with the interview....after he first peez and showers, of course.


Why is Bruce Jenner wearing a new wig?


I have never liked this person, not sure why but that may be why I feel like she just wants to be on TV to talk about this for the attention. Like, listen while I dramatically describe the horror I endured...ready for my close-up...


Thank you Harvey for giving us the 2020 re election of President Trump! This is an amazing gift that we will use to destroy any challengers on the DNC. I hope Hillary runs again because I will be fired up to help any way possible to President Trump's second term.



Sorry not sorry... this was well known of him... no one said a word.... there were plenty of lines in tv shows, awards but no one did a thing about it... and still as of today no one has pressed charges... so... you all want to act so shocked, please.... this was no secret


Harvey aside... Lauren is looking good. Maybe a little nip / tuck, but she looks good.


harvey levinstein is a role model to us all.


Was he engorged after the shower?


So Harvey Weinstein got STDs from Jim Carrey?


The man has more than one screw lose . . . hundreds?, thousands?, millions?, who knows?


Holly Hobby who what?


So it only became "ominous and terrifying" AFTER the shower part? it.

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