Tom Petty, Private Funeral Service Attended by Family

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Tom Petty was honored this week in a private service that appears to have been attended by only his family and closest friends ... at the same place a Beatle was laid to rest.

Tom's daughter, AnnaKim Violette Petty, posted a handful of photos from the service Monday, which was held at the Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine in the Pacific Palisades. George Harrison's funeral was also held there in 2001. He was a bandmate of Tom's in The Traveling Wilburys.

We care about each other and love our bad ass father💜

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Not many details about the procession were immediately released, but the temple was closed to the public on Monday. 

We broke the story ... Tom died earlier this month after going into full cardiac arrest ... and ultimately being taken off life support by his family. 

His official cause of death is still a mystery ... as the results of a complete autopsy are pending.



You know what we are born dying. This man gave 66 years of his life to awesome music for us to enjoy forever. Doesn't really matter if drug or arecigarettes where the contributing factor to his cardiac arrest. He owed us nothing I gave. What his family did for his memorial was all in their rights and I commend them for it. It is their time to grieve my heart goes out to them. Who knows if there is a better place but his music will make him live on forever. Rest in peace


poor guy
was worked to death
very sad
needed a rest bad...miss u man.


The derogatory comments are not appropriate at this time or ever for that matter.


SRF is a beautiful area, it is a lake surrounded by all religions. A friend of mine got married there, definitely a place to see.


We were shocked & saddened to hear of Tom Petty's passing. We feel bad for all of his family. His music was such a part of our life, growing up, to now. To have seen Tom & The Heart Breakers live, was a blessing. In their live form, they shined in a way, that could have never been captured in a recording studio. We so wish that our child could have witnessed this magic onstage, that will never be again. We try to never take anything for granted, but it still goes by way too fast. Tom Petty & his awesome talent will be so very missed!


There sure are some cruel posts here from Tom Petty fans. Ironic.


A gifted man, what a talent lost to us way too soon. RIP good friend.


RIP Tom Petty, thank you for all that great music. It will live on forever!


Great artist love the music RIP


The cause of death is hardly a "mystery", TMZ.

He was 66-year old man who recently finished an exhausting tour and who was a life-long heavy-smoker.

Very sad, but not so mysterious.


Keyword: private, TMZ. God bless Tom Petty, and thank you for the most amazing live shows.


Tom Petty you touched America and the world with your music and lyrics. Once in a great while someone comes along and touches hearts and minds with artistic expression...that someone is you. Rest easy Wildflower, your music will keep you alive in our hearts....


That hideous daughter is trying to get her 15 minutes


R.I.P. Tom you and your talents will be missed.


That SRF Lake Shrine is a very, very special place. Excellent choice.


I pray the majority of his estate and control went to his daughters not some second wife. #realtalk


lol his daughter has Tom's horse teeth


Gonna freefall out into nothin-
-Tom Petty


He died from past cocaine use.


RIP Prayers to the family. He was way too young to go.


Prayers with wings headed to Tom Petty's Wife and family!!


Let Me Up I've Had Enough.... To Ade and Kim, Your father was a true original and is sorely missed by many, many people. You have my deepest sympathies and prayers at this most difficult time. I am sorry, but I cannot stay silent since hearing about your father's funeral service. This is not befitting the person he was. He meant so much to so many people. But, memorials are for those left behind, not for those that have passed. So, I hope that you both were comforted from it. As Mike (Campbell) mentioned, your father had an innate ability to connect with so many through his music, I am just one of them. Take comfort in the legacy that your dad leaves behind, having touched so many people in a real and genuine way. I am just one of many long-time fans who followed your father's music through the decades of his life. He gave a voice to my feelings all those years ago, and though I am deeply saddened by his passing, I know I am not alone in taking comfort from the huge catalog of words and melodies he leaves behind. God bless you both.


"We care about each other and love our bad ass father"? What?


Going to miss you Tommy

“Maybe somewhere down the road aways,
You'll think of me, wonder where I am these days,
Maybe somewhere down the road when somebody plays

Purple haze...”


Low key, tasteful. His family knew the right was to honor him. Funerals and services shouldn't be treated as a media event.


Wowwwww his daughter looks so much like him.


Workin' on a mystery
Of what killed Tom Petty...


Just the way a funeral should be. Family, close friends and NO Paparazzi!!!



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