'Trailer Park Boys' Jim Lahey Actor John F. Dunsworth Dead at 71

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"Trailer Park Boys" actor John F. Dunsworth -- who played Jim Lahey on the show -- has died.

Dunsworth's daughter told a Canadian outlet her father died after a brief and unexpected illness.

John was a part of the show's original cast, and played a former cop-turned-security supervisor at Sunnyvale Trailer Park. 

He broke into show biz as a casting director in the late '80s before making it big on the Canadian comedy. "Trailer Park Boys" has been on air for 11 seasons.

Dunsworth was 71.




Awhhh I loved him I can’t believe this!!! He was an amazing drunk!!! And the show will be nothing without him


My dream was to have a 3 way with Mr. Lahey and Randy...sadly that will never come true.


Sad. Mr. Lahey WAS the liquor!


I'll miss you Mr. Leahy, "Propane, propane, time to start the game"


I'm having one on the rocks in his honor.


Such a shame. He was a great actor. So funny. You'll be missed, John Dunsworth. Raise your glass to the man, Mr. Lahey!


We we're blessed to have Lahey when we did and he will be greatly missed! RIP Lahey.


you will be greatly missed. we are all the liquor....


PISS JUGS!!!!!!!!!!! omg this man played such a brilliantly funny drunk. his energy and comedy can never be replaced. i love every scene where lahey gets totally hammered. what will they do now??? he was the glue that held tpb togethee! what an unbelievable loss.


i am the liquor...


R.I.P and God bless my brother you will be missed.


Mr. Lahey was, by far, my favorite character on the show and from what I've seen, Mr. Dunsworth was a good man in real life.
I really hate this.


I'm with the others on here, he was the scene stealer! LMAO
So sorry to hear about this.

At least he had a really good run and went out on top of his game!


O my gosh I just heard and I'm so saddened...I love this guy...He was hysterical...Thank you Mr. Dunsworth wherever you are!!!


He was the funniest character on TPB!!!! He was a great, comedic talent, and will be greatly missed. ♡♡♡♡♡


He was such a good actor people actually believed he was an alcoholic at some point in his life.


He steals the show on TPB. Damn this is sad news. RIP Mr. Dunsworth. Thanks for the laughs.


So long, Mr. Lahey........you WERE the liquor.


"I am the liquor"


R i p mr lahey u will be missed


I got to see the Trailer Park Boys road show in Charleston, SC last year. Lahey and Randy weren't there but they showed them on video. One of the best comedy series of all time. RIP Jim. Enjoy your time at the big trailer park in the sky.


Started his career as an actor when he was pushing 50, and turned out to be really, really good at it. Never to late to start something new and bring joy to others. Thanks for the laughs Jim, your performances will still be bringing laughs long after we're all gone.


Hate to hear that. He seemed like a great guy and brought a lot of irreplaceable talent to the show


say it ant so jim


Loved the show he was a big part of it he will be missed jim this drink is for u and all the funny times i just close my eyes and think how he ran the park hahahaha RIP JIM 8(::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: u will be missed


You brought so many smiles to me, family and friends with your character on TPB. You will be missed so much. I am about to open a fresh bottle of liquor even though it's only 10 am. Today I drink to you brother, over and over till it's gone. Words can not express how saddened I am. Rest in peace


I’m gonna have a lil drinkypoo to his memory❤️


I'm surprised at how sad I am to here this news. I'll always remember Jim Lahey.


Hear that? The liquor is calling. Let's pour one out today for Mr. Lahey.


I loved his character! What a bummer


Such a shock. He seemed ageless.


First Tom Petty now Mr Lahey? WTF?!!



This is the saddest i have ever been about a celebrity passing. Time for a little drinky poo


Damm if any1 could play drunk you were the one ...sleep tight sir


Not going to be the same with out ya bud. RIP


This hurts a lot... He made me laugh like no one else..... :(


"He wasn't wonderful, he was sch iddy. Maybe the sch iddyst man ever was, ever will be" .... R.I.P Mr. Lahey, " it's the way she goes"


I loved his role in Haven, will be missed :(


RIP Lahey


I'm so sad that John passed away, but it happens in life, i only hope that the cancer didn't cause him great pain.
Be in Gods hands John and make him laugh in Heaven, i pray for your family.


awesome actor and comedian...this is terrible


RIP .. mr Lahey.
Thanks for the laughs.


The day the liquor died :(


RIP to a really funny and talented actor


Best wishes for a speedy recovery


Dark day at the trailer park.


Trailer Park Boys without Jim Lahey will be like a day without drinky poo. What a great talent John Dunsworth was. We loved him in this house. All TPBs fans in Wisconsin are rueing that we missed seeing Lahey in the flesh when he came to Milwaukee in August. Our condelences to his family.


It's such a sad day. TPB is one of my favorite shows. And John Dunsworth was such a staple of the show. He will be miss. Raise a bottle to Jim Lahey. Let the liquor do the talking one more time.


John F. Dunsworth was an amazing talent. The show will never be the same without him. He will be greatly missed.


That is such a bummer, what a genuinely funny actor. He will be missed, I really hope the guys will be able to pull off / incorporate the passing of John into TPB without hurting the show. The passing of original, or just any great characters, is especially devastating. RIP MR LEAHY!!!


Greatest comedy ever...show won't be the same. He will be missed!


Sad. Such a loss.


And to the other members ricky bubbs julisn and randy my condolances and to mr Lahey s daughter sarah as well


He will always be remembered and his words of wisdome were priceless


Dude was awesome may he rest in peace great actor and major part of tpb

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