Tapatio Sues Over Iconic Mexican Cowboy Logo, Says Weed Guy Jacked It (UPDATE)


9:56 AM -- The owner of Trapatio, Isaac Granados, tells TMZ he reached out to Tapatio about a possible collaboration and insists they were open to the idea. He says, "With the legalization of weed I would have never thought they would come after me. The cannabis community needs products like this. Tapatio needs Trapatio."

Tapatio's turning up the heat and going after a guy who's trying to start a different kind of blaze ... while allegedly ripping off the company's iconic sombrero-wearing mascot.

Tapatio -- arguably the most famous hot sauce in America -- is suing the guy behind the marijuana-infused "Trapatio" hot sauce claiming that product's using an eerily similar logo.

In docs, obtained by TMZ, Tapatio says its famous "charro" -- or Mexican cowboy -- logo belongs to them and "Trapatio" is marketing itself with a similar name and an almost identical man in a sombrero, yellow jacket and red tie. Not to mention jacking their font.

Tapatio thinks the similarities will make loyal customers think it's in bed with the pot sauce ... which comes fully loaded with 400 mg of THC. The OG sauce's lawsuit is pretty blunt -- quit duping us, and fork over the profits "Trapatio" has already made.



were you high when you said let's copy the Tapatio logo, I mean come on!!


There where CIGARS labels 20-30 years ago looked very similar . So who copied WHO. Like SERAPE VEGETABLES,, san rivera, bandito,


Would you guys confuse it and think it’s made by the same company?


Trapatio probably thought they weren’t gonna get that big or noticed reason they did it. Oops lol


I love tRapatio!!! They should do a collaboration and we all win!!!🙌🏼


I want some


I pray that we are not entering the ‘cannibization of America’ but it doesn’t good.


"Tapatio needs Trapatio." HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Opposite!!!!


Yup, stolen.


Next, we'll see Valentino Hot Sauce suing Bobby Valentino for sleeping with that tran-E!


If you smoke enough, you tend not to notice the similarities 〰💨😧🌿


Looks like a rip-off to me.


I am a Chalula man myself.


Pot Sauce. .. what have this world come to... wow


So when did restaurants become news. Grabbing at straws. I think Richard Simmons dog just dropped a number 2...better post something.


Potheads don't worry about trademark infringement........or anything else for that matter.


another good reason to build a wall.




Why is this news?

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