Steely Dan Frontman Donald Fagen Sues Insurance Co. Over Canceled Tour


Kanye West and Donald Fagen have something in common -- major beef with the insurance companies for their tours, and like Yeezy ... Fagen's suing his, claiming it's failed to pay up.

The Steely Dan singer says he took out a policy with International Insurance Company of Hannover to cover his 28 solo tour dates this year in North America and Japan. As bad luck would have it ... Donald says he got sick in September with an upper respiratory tract infection, severe sore throat as well as sinus and headache pains.

The illness came just one week after his musical partner Walter Becker passed away.

Donald had to cancel his remaining shows, and filed a claim for the insurer to cover any financial losses due to the canceled gigs. In the suit, obtained by TMZ, Donald says the company gave him the runaround, demanding more paperwork and medical opinions.

As we first reported, Kanye filed a similar lawsuit against Lloyd's of London after his breakdown last year forced an early end to his tour.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer's fed up ... and wants a judge to force his insurer to fork over more than $1 million.



I hope Don wins. This is stupid. That's why he bought insurance.


Give him the money. Hope he continues to tour....


The stupid insurance companies are ridiculous. The man was stressed out after losing his musical partner. They'd been friends for over 50 years. I'm sure his resistance got low and he needed to chill and regroup. I swear, you darn well better pay those premiums on time, but they want to stall when you need them!


Please take me along when you slide on..


Fagans depressed, it's obviously showing in his face, he just lost his life Time best friend Walter Becker, I'm praying for you Donald


EVER TAKE NOTICE HOW MANY INSURANCE COMMERCIALS ARE ON DURING A FOOTBALL GAME ? Progressive, Geico, Liberty Mutual. State Farm, Nationwide, Aflac, etc. There is huge money there


Love Fagen and Steely Dan.


is steely dan anderson coopers dad?


Nuke Hollywood. Kill them all.


Kanye faked his alleged "breakdown"


It's funny to look at Fagen and think "Hey, that guy knows all the Steely Dan songs."


Insurance companies are crooks.They gladly collect premiums but , when they must pay out they looks for ways to weasel out.If you car is damaged demand authorized parts.Get the things you paid for.


The man has been a musician for many years and I would guess when he does a solo tour or when he did a SD tour with his partner he bought or the group bought production insurance. The man became sick and has every right to file a claim. I bet this is the first claim he has ever filed. Insurance companies are very good at taking our money but when anyone tries to make a claim on a policy the insurance industry does its best to make life more difficult for the policy holder in not wanting to pay.


Is it me or does he look like Larry King




we're talking millions of dollars here. then, you bring in kanye the very dumb, immature reject who flaked on his tour after making the biggest fool out of himself like a mentally broken spaz as if his situation is relevant. ultimately, what you did was suggest that there should be outrage when a company demands proper proof and--god forbid--proper paperwork. i watch "public freakout" videos of the dumbest average people and these days we are seeing a lot of dumb people get outraged when something isn't immediately remedied for them and massive protests over limited information. maybe it's lead in your water or something.


His face has always looked like it's melting.


...look its not hard to see whats going on : the insurance company thinks hes fagen... they may have a case here :) - peace...


Kudos to TMZ for covering some real artists, especially the brilliant and incomparable Steely Dan ...instead of only writing about what Mad magazine would call "the usual gang of (talentless) idiots." I'm sorry to say that also applies to many of the lazy, lame and predictable "commenters" below (although it's encouraging to see so many posts paying tribute to SD). The world lost a great one when Walter passed. Here's to Donald for carrying on the Steely name and their musical genius.


I just read an article that stated "Donald Fagen knew Steely Dan Partner Walter Becker was Sick for years." In the article it said for 5 years so there goes his lawsuit. How dumb of him


Go to u tube and search for Donald Fagen talks about PEG pt 1. He's a genius of music theory. It's really fascinating.


I'm honestly confused and maybe this is a different tour, but he was in Grand Rapids on Monday performing. I only know this because a co-worker went to the concert.


A perfectionist and one of the best composers, songwriters, and musicians of our time. Please keep him, Stevie Nicks, Stevie Wonder, and Elton John alive for years to come. Going to listen to my Steely Dan Essentials playlist now.


What a wonderful world this will be


NO MORE FAGAN INS......................


I didn't know he was still touring. Talented guy and Becker was an amazing guitarist. Fagen has the widest mouth I have ever seen, like a snake.


Looks like his "O" ring blew out just as this picture was being taken.


Fagan should win this. Legit


Best band ever.
On a side note Fagan is a nut job.


It seems simple, you don't play the shows, you don't get paid. What the heck is wrong with Kanye and fagan??


is that George c scott ?


Oi Vey.


Steely Dan is one of the greatest bands of all time. Perhaps loosing a close friend and band mate caused Donald a stress induced illness.


I can see liability insurance in case someone got hurt . . . but writing a policy to cover cancellation of a show is sheer lunacy. The lenders should know better.


What tour??


Robert Englund's on tour?


But, most likely Fagen can produce proof about his illness. Pretty sure kanye can't do that.

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