'Teen Mom 2' Star Jenelle Evans Threatens to Leave MTV Over Season 8 Edits


Jenelle Evans is putting MTV on notice about the way she says it's portraying her and her fam on this season of "Teen Mom 2" ... saying she'll leave if they don't make it right.

We got Jenelle at LAX about a week after a huge blowup she and husband, David Eason, had on a season 8 episode. Fans blasted David for verbally abusing Jenelle, and also called her a neglectful mom.

Jenelle told us she's the victim of creative editing, done purely to create more drama, and she's pissed about it. She's also angry that producers are putting subtitles on her kid because it makes it seem like he has speech issues.

Long story short ... Jenelle says MTV is screwing itself, if it has dreams of bringing back arguably the most popular chick on the series. 



This is all about money: MTV is making racks of money on girls who have multiple fathers, nasty mouths, drugs use all while they proclaim the're innocence, and hide behind Dr. Drew.
Shame on you MTV and all who watches. I'm a mother of two girls 14&16, I would like for MTV to show something young girls can learn from not this garbage.


We could go and on about this girls mental instability but why not talk about how the TM producers claim they have had an effect on lowering teen pregnancy rates.
All these TM 'stars' appear to have 2 to 3 out of wedlock babies with multiple "baby daddies" so obviously the show isn't having an effect on its "stars".
But then again MTV thrives on these girls getting pregnant again and again. Kind of like welfare, each kid they have means more minutes they'll have on air which means a bigger check for them.


Nobody gives a rat's behind if this trailer trash exist or not, BYE


I can't stand Jenelle, she's a horrible person. A dysfunctional childhood and whatever else is wrong with her mentally can be worked on. Jenelle needs a psychiatrist and a lot of counseling. It's unfortunate those children have her for a mother. And it doesn't matter what issues Barbara has, she shouldn't be treated so terribly. It takes two to argue, I know, I have a mother the same way. I would never treat her so badly.


Go away waste of space. She wont quit. She is useless just like CREEP David. Kids need to be taken away from these lunatic droogs. Their "land" is just an isolated house of horrors. Poor kids. Mtv stop funding trailer trash. I hope its not true that she is pregnant again


They can't air something that never happens! She ignores everything her kids show and say about David and that is dangerous.


Alright Radar "popular" is a bit of a huge gigantic overstatement. Most loathed perhaps.


My feeling wouldnt be hurt if she left the show. I don't understand why she all her other kids and not Jace. I feel she should have fight hard in court. Maybe if she didn't tell the producer that her and David are fighting then the next day when they act like say they was lying or better off let David do all the talking and she sat there and didnt say a word.


First off Janelle needs to take a break from Men and having babies just because youmeet a guy doesn't mean you need to make them baby daddy second they need to know how to behave and act around these innocent children third if Janelle cannot respect her mother she has no respect for herself Barbara may be a little bit over-the-top but she's still the mother and you must respect your mother every time Janelle gets with a guy it's a crazy experience and I do believe this guy is very controlling he's a creep and I believe that there is violence in the home and what's up about the lies in the picture from yesterday's episode that was a little weird


Janelle is so pathetic. She is such an evil, weak-minded witch. She didn't even invite her mother to her wedding. She'd rather have her 'friends' there. A real 'friend' would be honest & tell her to make amends with her mom. Especially since her mom practically raised her son since birth. If it wasn't for her mom Jace would be in foster care because Janelle was always too high off heroin & everything else to care for him. Barbara has done more for her than her so called friends. All they do is agree with everything she says. Barbara tells her the truth & it kills her. It also annoys me that she lets every one of her boyfriends & her husband disrespect & curse out her mom. Her husband is just using her. I believe Janelle is supporting his daughter too. She is always there. Where is her mother? When Jace gets older he will definitely see reruns of the show & he will probably resent his mom for treating his grandmother like that. He will treat Janelle just like she treats Barbara.


Bye Felicia.....


Never watched the show. Just think this headline is hysterical. Who cares if she leaves the show, and more importantly, what is she going to do to make money if she does leave? Does she have any marketable skills? Based on the name of the show I suspect she's only good at popping out babies. Maybe one of the Kardashians could use another surrogate? My advise? Either grow up and suck this gig for all its worth or leave and deal with the real world like the rest of us.




Yawn. Garbage watches garbage.


Imy almost 100% sure that ifor MTV showed the unedited footaget it would not be any better. Also, does she or lurch plan on getting jobs to support themselves? I really doubt it


OMG (in my Bob Belcher voice.....is she for real. Edited for drama....what a surprise....girl go sit down somewhere. There are other pregnant teens thatt willl take your place. MTV could care less about your feelings.....LOL


Oh please! Once she is gone from mtv she will just be another heroin addict w no money for rehab since they won’t foot the bill. People only watch her b/c she is trashy. It makes the rest of us looking ok perfect! No one really cares if she lives or dies, If she gets custody of her kid or if she has 7 babies w 7 different men!


Hahahaha pleeze!! The most wanted chic on the show. That makes me laugh. Does she rememebr they’re couple other girls on that show? It was all of them, that made the show. Her & her Mom was funny but now it’s getting sad. Especially since the kids see & hear everything now. God grow up chic!! She’s playing house, hoping this guy sticks around. Let her quit & see how fast they run through that money and how irrelevant she is down the road. I swear if they give into her demands or make MTV look like they can be ran over I will never watch the show again or anything on MTV, it was sucking anyhow.


I hate to burst her bubble but she is the least popular on the show. he has so many flaws....that's why they keep her there. he needs that money. She want quit


one more thing. she looks like she has downs.


also....isn't she like 30 by now....


Girl you are SO DISPOSABLE!
MTV, go & get Cash me ousside girl just to humble this naïve thinking heifer


that poor little boy. no love or happiness in that household. he deserves so much more in life.

oh....and "creative editing" my big white doughy behind. it is what it is.


Mtv why dont you go back to your roots, good music.


Do you really think the show will crash if you leave? Get your ego in check and take care of your family. The show (as horrible as is is) will be fine without you.


Editing or not, you are still a low class lunitick that in no way deserves children. They deserve a real mother.


She is trash. Her husband is trash. They neglect and abuse those kids. They should not be on that show. CPS should have stepped in long ago. He doesn't work. She doesn't have a job outside of the show and they are two losers! Her mom is right, if she didn't have the show, she would have no other opportunity for income. Who on earth would hire her? She is a 10 time convicted criminal who mistreats and ignores her litter!


She says that every season. Just leave already!!! Then go to anger management! You don't deserve to have any of your kids! Neither do the dad's or your mom! You all have bad tempers!


How about you quit leaving your baby on the floor...the back of her head is flat like a deflated football.


Yeah right. Then her and her husband would actually have to get real jobs. I don’t see that happening. She won’t go anywhere. Plus without Jenelle they might kick Barbara off of the show too which is probably the real reason she doesn’t want her to quit either.


MTV better do all they can to save her from leaving. We all know a hot mess on tv is what makes good tv!!!


She may want to do a career assessment before she walks away from this. This is her source of income. Does she have a better way to make a living? One that is flexible with her jail time schedule? Probably not. She may not like it but they can creative edit her and if she gives them a bunch of material they will.


All these Teen Moms are a mess. I'd love to see Maci Bookout make a po rn. Between the red hair and 42 tattoos she looks like she loves to be ridden hard and put away wet


Bye Jenelle -- don't let the door hit you on the way out.


Three kids by 3 different baby daddies. Yeah, she's a real role model... NOT! She won't be missed.


Jennelle only dates physical and psychological loser abusers&drug abusers ,exposes her 3kids with 3 useless baby daddies use her for her money.she disrespects her mom who raised her son with no thanks. ALL ANIMALS NEGLECTED ABUSED OR DUMPED 4 NEW ONE,NEEDS2 BE CHARGED WITH ANIMAL CRUELTY AND EXPOSING HER KIDS2 ABUSERS&DRUGS.SHE NEEDS PSYCHIATRIC HELP DESPERATELY. MTV IS 2 BLAME4 ALLOWING HER TO EXPOSE ANIMAL&CHILD ABUSE&PAY HER 4 DRAMA.REMOVE HER FROM MTV,NOT FAIR TO HER KIDS&NUMEROUS ABUSED PETS.


She has come off that way the whole series




1. Stop saying "Like" every other word. You sound like a fool. That's the proper usage of the word.
2. Stop reading comment posts about you. People are cruel.
3. Stop biting the hand that feeds you or you'll end up like Kapernick. Unemployed.


MTV is her gravy train she won't go anywhere.


Long story short- this was news over a week ago. Cutting edge journalism, TMZ.
Sidenote: Bye Jenelle 👋🏽


go ahead and quit, would love to see you get a job with no education. You are just useless, a crappy parent, a soon to be crappy ex wife, and in all of that, you seem to think you entitled. Grow up


All these ladies except chelsy lead comical lives at this point


Let her leave! Please!
She would be the ONLY ONE regretting that decision.


Remember when Amber threatened to quit for the same reason? Waddya know - she's still on the show. Janelle's not going anywhere. This is just damage control by Janelle - the last aired episode was horrifying, so she needs to pretend the abuse was all in the editing, and that she's "outraged."




Signed Yours Truly,

Martha " Luvs Duh L - D " Stewart

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