Harvey Weinstein, Rape Accuser's Lawyer Spills Details of Her Story in New Conference

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The lawyer representing Harvey Weinstein's rape accuser got before microphones today ... the question is why.

David Ring says his client had a "thorough interview" with the LAPD Thursday, and the #1 priority for her is the criminal investigation.

He says she's 38 years old, from Italy where she was an actress. Ring says she had met Weinstein in Rome prior to the alleged 2013 rape, but that was it. He repeated what she told the L.A. Times ... that Weinstein "bullied" his way into her hotel room and raped her.

Ring says the L.A. Times found out about the investigation and confronted him so he talked. He did not explain why he didn't simply say, "no comment."



This guy is a charter graduate from the Gloria Allred school of law.


What wouldn't a lawyer do for some free promotion? He's so intoxicated with himself I bet he gets moist watching clips like that one. You need a cold shower, lawyer.


I used Mr. Ring in a law suit against a law enforcement agency/personal.....he was very professional aggressive and very good in litigation.......we won.....


Saw a few minutes of this since for some reason local LA Channel 9 saw fit to interrupt the regular program with this as "Breaking News". The car chase yesterday they interrupted was more exciting. Know your audience KCAL.


Where did my last comment go?








Proof this is never going to trial. Shakedown


Money and fame is what drives all of Hollyweird - I'd say this gal is probably looking for a bit of both...




Gloria isn’t going to like this...


Did he not have a mirror or brush available before the press conference?


Why do people have children in their 60s??? Stupid


Weinstein was sacrificed to cover up new Obama and Hillary crimes.


Hope they have a case
Hope Harvey goes down
Love to be on the jury


It's Elisabetta Canalis. George Clooney's ex


More about destroying HW than justice at the minute. If it were a decent person he was doing over, I'd be outraged. This? Not so much.


Great...another d-bag.


This guy is a total ambulance chaser .Harvey nailed every winch in Hollywood and they did it willingly allegedly


i suppose if bloom or allred did the conference tmz wouldnt have this angle.


This guy is not a 'high power' lawyer, I'd be surprised if they found 20watts in his head... He changed his website to solicit this case, and he's basically giving his opening statement in a press conference that he called. I'd 🔥 him immediately. He bought that suit this morning.


Little Sweet says it's time for a new lawyer.


He did OK at first but he lost his train of thought and by the end he had regressed to 12th grade.


Is humungous a legal term?


Well. ..if Ring gets fired, I think David Blaine will be needing a new lawyer


Sad. This guy is all about becoming the next “celebrity lawyer”. He’s in this for himself and attention. He could care less about the victim.




This lawyer is a slime ball.


My opinion is that they released information hoping to embarrass TWC or Harvey into a quick settlement. It seems to me that when a high powered lawyer talks to the press about a case, there is often a settlement soon after (Gloria Alred anyone!). Of course, that is my OPINION! It seems like legal extortion. All that is missing are the words "pay me and I'll go away".


I wonder which actress is, here I see a bunch of actresses attending the 8th Annual Los Angeles, Italia Film, Fashion and Art Festival https://www.youtube.com/pla...


Just a free commercial for the attorney -- nothing more.


So what hole(s) were violated?! Did he creampie her or pull out and bust all over her face and hair?


I hope she wins her case against this fat scumbag.


Weinstein is the second prominent rapist Hilary actively defended for the same reason...they were good for her political career...oh and she was married to the first one...


"She" has a better chance of a pay out going on Judge Judy than with this tool.


Wouldn't it be the DA's decision to send it to trial? I don't think there is enough evidence to do so.


This should be a field day for Li$a Bloom, a once in a lifetime opportunity and she has to sit it out.
There is some justice after all.


Anyone else have almost every post you post get removed no matter how clean it is?


Harvey ✡JewStein✡

Story Number 602




If this were anyone else, TMZ would had already cut him in shreds.
With Hollywood heavy-heights, however, they make sure to wear their velvet gloves.

Even for serial rapists.


Donald Trump: I didn't say it

John Kelly: Trump said it

Lara Trump: I read the transcript

Sarah Sanders: No transcript

These clowns can't even lie right.


It’s intentional. Trying to make truth irrelevant. This is what autocrats do.


Good job stupid. You’ve now tainted all possible jury pools. Any chance she had at a payday is GONE like fat ole Harv


holy crap this is getting boring........ all these women trying to cash in.
Worms are really coming out of the woodwork , looking for that $$$.


One step closer to Harvey getting taken against his will and treated like a pin cushion. Yeehaw!


If she is so scared, why did she talk to the L.A. Times after police AND allow attorney to give news conference??? REALLY????


John Kelly Explains To Furious Trump That Gold Star Widow
Cannot Be Demoted To Silver Star Widow


There's nothing wrong with inviting a few ghetto blacks over and partying with them while not wearing pants.....


'He Made The Ultimate Sacrifice,' Trump Tells Military Widow
About Scooby-Doo Putting Up With Scrappy-Doo.


She must have had a coupon for this guy. He'd be nobody's first pick.


Classic shakedown by an Ambulance Chaser, but I’m sure Weinstein has a great lawyer who will bat this away. How about some proof, honey?


Something feels off about this


"Spills more info"? He organized a press conference stop being so dramatic.


Wow, she's an idiot!


They will reveal Harvey Weinstein is really Fred Savage in a costume.


Isn't there a statute of limitations? 4 years ago seems like she is past bringing charges. What Weintstein did, is horrible, but all these people coming out now to sue him, well honestly it looks like all the lawyers are seeing a huge payday. AND what really irritates me now, is all these people are saying if they only knew, when many reports are coming out where THEY ACTUALLY KNEW WHAT HE WAS DOING! I think he's being crucified now, he's not the big power mogul he once was, he was no longer useful to those in Hollywood and then, and only then, did they the "Good old boys" decided to take him down. This behavior, culture will continue as long as there is plenty of money to get those that want stardom and fame bad enough, they will tolerate the behavior.


Terrible "spokesman" - attention/fame whore, reporting no new news. Just pimping his law firm and address. I felt dirty just watching five minutes of it. Yech.


hugh mungus

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