Jim Carrey Says He Has Proof Deceased Girlfriend Phonied Records to Extort Him


The woman who claimed she became suicidal after Jim Carrey gave her herpes created an elaborate extortion scheme with fake medical records to make it seem she was clean before she met Jim ... this according to new legal docs.

Carrey now claims Cathriona White -- who committed suicide in 2015 -- had herpes before they met, but needed to change the facts. So he says she got her friend's medical records showing a clean bill of health, and then altered them to make it appear the records were hers.

According to Carrey's new legal docs, White then presented the before and after medical records, claiming it was proof -- the only change was that she started having sex with him and got genital herpes.

Carrey claims in legal docs they have a smoking gun in the form of text messages from White to her friend ... asking the friend numerous times to go to Planned Parenthood to get her medical records and one of the text messages says, "I need to see the layout ... I will need to work on it before I give it to him."

The new docs were filed in connection with a lawsuit brought by White's husband and mother, who claim Carrey gave her the disease and that's why she killed herself.

Carrey's legal team just made an ultimatum ... either ante up non-forged medical records or admit she had multiple STDs before she even met the actor.

Michael Avenatti, attorney for Cathriona's estate, tells us Carrey's new claim is "complete and utter bulls**t. When the truth comes out, Mr. Carrey and certain of his advisers are going to be criminally prosecuted for their conduct in this case. They better buckle up."



She was a Scientologist for crying out loud! This cult doesn't allow people with depression to seek psychiatric help and now they want to blame the rich Hollywood star for her death? I wouldn't be surprise if Scientologists are funding her mother/husband's lawyer to extort money from Jim Carrey.... Despicable cult!!


Jim you are all ate up. Your crotch will never be the same.




Carrey is such a jerk. Hope he’s taking his meds.


This is a cash grab. Nothing more and nothing less.


This country is so backwards. At what point does anyone take responsibility for their own actions? She committed suicide. She chose to sleep with him unprotected knowing the risk. Period. End of story. I don't for the life of me see how the judge allowed this to go to trial. They were all her choices made of her own free will.


All of this is going on in Hollywood, God wants to just burn it down .. natures way of clensing


Jim appears to have the aids.


Well if she had a husband and a boyfriend she must have been a really honest girl.


Her mother and her ex are greedy and shamefully dragging a dead person through the mud to make a buck. With friends and loved ones like that ... no wonder she killed herself.


seems like everyone is coming out the closet with herpies , makes me wanna say F it , thank God you were able to dodge all those bullets and stick to batteries. Amen


Well what can be confirmed from this exchange is that Mr. Carrey has multiple STD'S..I once read that you haven't actually "Made It" in Hollywierd until you have Herpes, well it looks like Mr. Carrey has definitely "Made It"..


What a creep.


To say HERPES is THE REASON this woman committed suicide...is ludicrous. The woman had suicidal ideations, and followed through with it because SHE WAS MENTALLY ILL. PERIOD.
As with most surviving family members left behind, finding something, someone, ANYTHING to blame is quite common.
As a survivor of losing my father to suicide, I FULLY UNDERSTAND..the pain, the questions, the anger..I also know, here I am, 21 years later..I STILL have those questions, but I've learned..the ONLY one to blame is the one who took a permanent solution to a temporary problem..
The sooner that lesson is learned, the better...then..they can begin to heal..


Conversely, Carrey could release HIS medical records. Carrey on.


Jim Fairy is a freak!


He looks like he's got something worse than herpes...he looks gaunt now.
He still hasn't denied he has herpes though has he? I wonder how he magically came up with these text messages. It's sad that he's bent on destroying her memory by basically accusing her of blackmail over herpes...why doesn't deny he has them or that she od'd on HIS pills?


Who in Hollywood doesn't have herpes? My God it's insane! He dated a lot of actresses to. So it makes you wonder where it started, and where it stops. YUCK


it's just a coldsore but on the genitals I doubt it's the reason she topped herself


Jim Carried it


So did she give him herpes or did he always have them?


Who will sue them when he kills himself?


This scumbag (her ex) married this girl for a green card. She was a photographer who knew how to photoshop and now is blaming jc for her death? Where was he when she was lonely? Where was he when she was seeing him? They have their hands out and if JC can get the records then he should sue the ex and mother for tainting his career. Many people get stds from their ex’s and they survive


Crazy story. I believe Jim. #IBelieveJim


Hollywood, CA. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy


I think Jim Carrey only has a few months left on this earth. He's looking more and more disheveled, and his mind is all but gone.


Why is this not front page news? Like the Usher story? They straight demonizing him for ALLEGEDLY having this same disease. Jim gets to carry on with his life and career like its nothing? Thats White privilege.


TMZ . . . keep us versed on how this one goes down.




Hope he overcomes.


Carey is a disgrace


I hope things turn out well for Jim. He's really a kind and giving man. I've seen him down at home boy industries. Helping people and on skid row.


I knew she was a little dirty sancho ho


Oh c'mon, billions of people are living fine with herpes. Obviously there's a bigger picture here with clinical and severe depression before the diagnosis. Perhaps she was depressed when he broke things off having nothing else to cling to but suing him for revenge and greed. Good luck with this suit. It's not likely to pay off.

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