Kim Kardashian & Kanye West's Security Pulled Guns on Car Thief


The guy who vandalized cars at the bottom of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's driveway learned a hard lesson ... through the barrel of a gun.

Sources connected with the incident tell us the man who broke into 3 cars early Friday morning at the end of their driveway was met with heavily armed Kardashian-West security. We're told it is now standard operating procedure for the family's hired muscle to brandish licensed weapons when an intruder invades the Bel-Air gated property.

Our sources say the second the vandal saw the weapons he scampered away into the darkness and cops are now on the hunt. 

The decision to brandish guns was made in direct response to the Paris robbery where armed gunmen tied Kim up, threw her in a bathtub and stole $10 million in jewelry.

We're told the security and safety of Kim and Kanye's family is a top priority and their team will hold nothing back to ensure that. 



Only the RICH and the Criminals have GUNS!

Everybody else needs to stay DISARMED and wait THEIR FATE WITH BRAVERY?
Hollywood hypocrisy.


After doing some research of commiefornia laws, it is illegal to use a weapon to stop a robbery.
Either this story is a lie or their money allows them to do seriously illegal acts.


When you ( Kylie Khloe) feel the need to hide that you are pregnant that means you should not be having a baby#he is not that into you; he likes the money


But I thought she said guns were bad, typical Hollywood elitist. No guns for you commoner, but I'll have them for my protection. #DUMPHOLLYWOOD


Maybe Kim Kanye and Kathy should move far far away. Like Russia. Yes please go. No one except Ryan would miss them and what the heck he can go too


Yet they want to take away guns from everyone else.


So the karTRASHians were with Hillary who wants to ultimately outlaw guns but then the karTRASHians have those evil guns all around them.
Hypocrite hollywood liberaIs, do what I say not what I do.


Intersted , she promote that being wealthy is great no matter how you get there , and he raps about hood the same way . here is the result


What's funny to me is ............they don't see the hypocrisy of their OWN MAKING . Total idiot airheads .


We would all be better off if they all offed each other. Disgusting family


Its going to be a sweet day when one of these freaks gets knocked off! 😄


Tell me he doesn't look like Brody Jenner?! Hahaha that would e entertaining if so


This chick wasn’t even there who cares and why did they just pull guns and not shoot? This sounds like puclicity for the show.


Dim dyed her hair just for this story....


they should pull the guns on each other and fire a few rounds!


Imagine having that smelly, waxy, ugly guy on top of you. Kris raise some questionable children!


Hmmmm - I wonder if this will be played out on KUWK. Great security detail I understand breaking in to one car, but three cars? They must have been eating donuts with Rob.


Brazen effeminate men should be shot on general principle


Your right! Kanye is adding weight at a rapid pace due to being married to a crazy lady. But what's Blob K's excuse? He easily weighs four times as much Kanye. What a lazy guy smh. Put the junk food down and pick up a gym membership Blob!


Total dumb a , hand down his pants , mouth open this guy's an idiot .


Hey dumb f you're on Candid Camera ...
Wow you know these people have cameras up their backsides , why not wear a mask ?


Just what we need -- more IDIOTS with guns!


Until they kill some dumb kid.


He looks like Elvis. The young one not the old bloated fat drug addict.


I wonder what Kris is going as for Halloween. I bet its Leatherface.


so being knocked up isn't helping the ratings


Pretty clear picture of the suspect . . . you'd think someone would recognize him.


They needed security from Saved by the Bell’s Screech? Lol


If Kim and Brody Jenner had children together, they may have been incredibly good looking kids.That guy does look like Brody Jenner~


Kim and Kanye are not even together, folks~


Being famous worth it


Guns ???? But she said she was against "guns." LMAO


I hope the perp didn't touch too much.
If he did, I hope he lives close to a CVS.


So Kim Kardashian wants gun control, but it’s ok for her bodyguards to carry guns???🤔🤔🤔 hmmmmm.




TMZ reports, The guy who vandalized cars learned a hard lesson ... through the barrel of a gun. Give me a break, what lesson did he learn, that Kim and Kayne's armed guards can't run,


I feel bad for Kanye ...for having to deal with Kim...on second thought no I don't...that's what he gets


Didn't Kim speak out recently about stricter gun laws and how everyone doesn't need a gun? I guess the exception is for her family. She should really keep her mouth shut about political things from now on


Why is his hand in his pants?


The guards brandish guns and the guy got away?


Looks like suspect is “ reaching “ for his own “ weapon”


Translation: Another attempted insurance claim.


Stop with the Paris robbery fake news. It was just a stunt that never panned out.


Chris, stop leaving your Valium scripts in Kim's car so you don't have to keep breaking in.


Why does he have his hand down his pants????


Toured briefly through the know Kardashian paid for sites and so far its gone from one car window smashed with nothing taken to 3 cars destroyed and a huge list of items stolen. And its now up to 2 maybe 3 probably a whole gang of robbers who were chased down the street by gun toting security guards. Mean while the LA police surrounded the neighborhood in the middle of the night. While the photo shows a poor guy walking in the day light next to a tan painted wall with standard white windows and doors with multiple pane panels in them....( Kim's house is Grey ..and the others are white) none have white paned windows.....LOL ....Kim's Pinocchio;s nose must be 10 feet long by now from all that lying she's doing....


GUNS ARE GOOD! This idiot is anti gun!


I'm sure ppl 100% know who this lil punk is `` Looks under 18 `


Kim and Kathy Griffin working together I see. “C’mon Kath, people will feel sorry for you if you do this with me” .....Nice try idiots, we aren’t dumb!




New story ....police surrounded neigherhood everyone was on lock down Kim terrified.....etc tomorrow she will have been tied up naked in a bath tub while the robber dangled the babies out the upstairs windows trying to get her to tell were the jewelry was ....LOLOLOLOL


Let's cue the sweatpants, depression, and non-caked on makeup face.


Looks like Kaynes Secret Lover.


Really Kim .....Mariah gets robbed and you just can't stand it could you? You had to stage your own robbery and horror story....


But they want the rest of America to give up their guns...


Liars ! ...Look at the photo of the guy notice anything....In D M.s article they have nice overhead and frontal shots of the house ....neither Katie Griffith's house or Kim's house has those style or color of windows and door style where ever they lifted that photo is was NOT at those houses....They are faking another robbery for the story ...First story he took nothing ...this story ran off by armed guards Next story Kim was in the house cowling in he safe room with the kiddies traumatized by the whole thing etc etc etc......


Nobody cares. Go away. TMZ stop giving them attention


Why was Miles Teller breaking into their cars?


Obviously Yeezy wasn't home because he would've beaten this dude to death with his bare hands.


But I thought Kim and Kanye were Pro Gun Control? Or is that just for OTHER people?


Was it Harvey Weinstein’s kid


Odd dm claims her mansion was broken into. Which was it?


Should have just shot him & saved the taxpayer money.

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