'Love and Hip Hop' Star Hazel-E Dropped from Show, But Before Homophobic Rant


"Love and Hip Hop Hollywood" is done with Hazel-E -- she's been dropped from the hit show, but producers claim it's NOT because she said all gays should burn in hell.

A spokesperson for VH1 and the show's producers, Monami and Eastern, say they collectively decided not to pick up Hazel's option for the next season of 'LHHH' -- but the decision was made on Oct. 4. That's a full 2 weeks before Hazel and her boyfriend went on a heinously homophobic social media rant.

Sources connected to production tell us Hazel had already worn out her welcome by the time she made the remark about gays and the Bible. We're told she pissed off producers back in September, during the reunion show taping, which is why they pulled the plug.

As we reported, 'LHH' creator Mona Scott-Young was infuriated by Hazel's verbal attack, and made sure VH1 knew it ... perhaps to squash any possibility of bringing her back.



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A couple seasons ago, Ernest was sleeping on her friend's couch! I never heard of her before Love & Hiphop. Not singing or rapping, nothing. This season, she's going on about how she has $. Dumbdumb, you had some but, by now, sure it's gone. Hateful woman. Oh, also her lil boytoy is half her age & and an a** himself.


I blame Kat Williams. He blew her head up and she couldn't come down. But she coming back down lol


I hope they get rid of Masika too.


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Every time she opens her mouth her nose grows a little more. She's really not sorry....liar.


There will be many more shows. They come and go. We don’t really process these realities/tv shows long term.. this is a gift. She will be known for free speech.. there is a war against free speech : black culture made you relevant. Vh1= Culture Vultures
Btw: that was hate speech.


Allah says we must throw all gays from a rooftop. Is that awful?? Why aren't you going after any Muslims on this topic? Fair question!!


She should have quoted the Quran and they would have fired her.


She looks like Beyonce in a funhouse mirror.


Drag queen


Good decision....so glad she was just to much...


Can somebody explain how "hell" works? Does your "soul" grown skin? And if so , does it grow back every 15 minutes so u can suffer all over again?..... This is the most man made garbage of all time. No evidence for a "soul" OR "hell", but there is plenty of evidence for human gullibility


Never heard of this pathetic poor excuse for a human. She deserves to fall flat on her face for what she’s said.


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Damn she made the show and she was the baddest one


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hey gay people.. there's no such thing as "homophobia" ...no one is afraid of gays... it's a term made up by beta cucks that have tendencies.....


Hollywood is always against religion and beliefs unless they are a cult. Hollywood is twisted.


I just started liking Hazel


This is the same Hazel - E that tried to flex on her “enemies” trying to persue her career as a rap artist while she tried to date Young Berg. It is a shame how she literally let the fame get to her.


I think the term "hit show" should be in quotations when referring to this.


Not surprised, Mona is a brown/dark skinned woman and this muppet looking beech talking about a paper bag test LOL


She was annoying af anyways 😩. She won’t be missed 😂😂😂.


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