'Trailer Park Boys' Won't Recast Mr. Lahey Character After John Dunsworth Death


Jim Lahey will return to Sunnyvale Trailer Park in the upcoming season of "Trailer Park Boys" -- but the character won't be back after that ... TMZ has learned.

Sources involved in the production tell us John Dunsworth's character will not be recast after season 12. We're told Dunsworth completed filming for the season before his death this week.

We're told producers believe Dunsworth is irreplaceable in that role, and it would damage the franchise to put another actor in the role.

Dunsworth played the drunken cop-turned-security guard on 'Boys' since its debut in 2001.

As we reported ... Dunsworth's died Monday after a brief and unexpected illness. He was 71.



So sad. My condolences to his family. He will be truly missed on The Trailer Park Boys. Producers are right in not re casting him because nobody else on the planet could ever be Jim Lahey! RIP John Dunsworth


Saw him in Bend Oregon in 2016, he was solo... He is already missed.


Loved watching him at work. Sooooo funny. Rip John dunsworth.


Canadians are amazing people and actors. JIM Lahey was one of the best tv characters I've seen, so funny great comedic timing. Il miss him but it's a great decision not to recast. This is one of those rare cast where almost everyone is irreplaceable. LONG LIVE TRAILER PARK BOYS! R.I.P JOHN DUNSWORTH.


I was sad to hear about John's passing ( Mr. Lahey) fantastic actor and I'm glad to hear his part won't be re-cast. I wish I could have seen him live I have tickets to the up coming show in December. Can't wait to go it will be bittersweet. Love me sum Trailer Park Boy's


To me he was the show, the true star of it. Not interested at all in post-Dunsworth TPB.


Such an amazing actor! My wife and I were blessed to see the show here in KC Aug 29th! The show will never be the same!!


RIP John. Had a TPB marathon for myself last night. You will be so missed.


It's not just the character but the actor himself. Immensly gifted and well trained theater actor who made playing drunk look easy (it isn't). Can't be replaced. The actor who plays Cyrus doesn't have the chops and Randy doesn't have the dimension. So as finding a chief antagonist for the show ... for the time being there isn't anyone to fill those shoes. Great actor, fantastic character ... gone way too soon. Will miss him.


I don't see how they can even continue the show as Dunsworth's character is the principle antagonist from the very start of the series. And by far the most comic character. All of the plot lines and the best comedy revolved around the boys' conflicts with Mr. Lahey. I took for granted TPB was finished when I heard the news. Maybe they're obligated by contract to continue no matter what. And how did he die? Stroke? They won't release his cause of death. As big a fan as I am of TPB, the Netflix re-incarnation seems worn and stale to me. Like it's worn out. I hope they don't ruin their run by extending the series until it really sucks and embarass themselves. They had a good run, they are legends, and it's over.. And the guys are really showing their age. Is it going to be "The Trailer Park Grandpas?"


Such a bummer.


It’s going to be too hard to watch the next season!!! 😭


I agree his character shouldn’t be recasted he’s one of a kind and it wouldn’t be the same without him.. I been watching the show since the beginning it will be tough watching season 12 but we will have the honor of watching him in his final performance.. he will never be forgotten and will be missed forever he was a pure and unique gem


The right thing to do is to let season 12 air, then produce a special finale with a tribute to Lahey and end the series on a high note. However, what I suspect will happen is they will want to milk the series for as much cash as possible and like other series that carried on for far too long, it will end with low viewership and little fanfare. The Jim Lahey character made the show what it is and was a major driving force. One could even argue that the loss of the Bubbles character would not have that kind of an impact. But it is tough to envision TPB without Lahey.


Been watching since season #1 pilot..not watched in 4 yrs
Last 2 seasons, filmed in BibleHill Estates, beside Truro RaceWay...
"Mr.Lahey" a total gentleman and accommodating, as is / was all of the crew and cast...
Part of the 25,000 or so community
*never touched a drop*


Well its another good bye to another good friend RIP Mr lahey,the park won't be the same without you


Poor Mr Lahey


It's gonna be a tough season 2 watch knowing that he's passed on, the show will not be the same without him. He was one hell of an actor, probably one of the best in our time. Simply a remarkable man that left us to early. It saddens me deeply and I'm not sure I can watch the show after season 12.


You can tell the idiot at TMZ who wrote this article has never watched the show before and just did a google search in order to write this.

Trailer Park Boys is a Canadian masterpiece and John Dunsworth was the best actor on the show, he is completely irreplaceable and no true fan even thought of that for a second, in fact most hardcore fans consider the show dead without him.


RIP~There could never be another Mr.Lahey anyway.


Duh. I hope TMZ didn't pay someone for this non-story. Trailer Park Boys never recasts those who pass away or leave the show.


No one could replace him. So sad, he will be missed for sure


No one could have played a better Lahey, he was my favourite character on the show.. RIP John ❤️


R.I.P. Dunsworth. Thanks for the laughs.


I'm glad. You can't replace Lahey.


They rightly never recast characters who leave or pass on.


There is no TPB without Lahey. Quality has declined lately anyways, I think they should just end it after 12


Absolutely the right call. There's no replacing John Dunsworth as Jim Lahey. Rest in peace in the big trailer park in the sky.


F U Lahey!!!
Best underrated show ever!!
Bubbles. Need I say more?


no one could ever fill his shoes. rest in peace, mr. lahey.


Randy is going to have to take over.


The liquor always wins. RIP you were awesome.


Poor Randy. I hope he doesn't go back to hooking for cheeseburgers.


i can hear the liquor.


Just read the article to see if there was any credible reason for going beyond the headline. As I thought, there was none. There could not have been, even a discussion, about this. John Dunsworth will be greatly missed, and can never be replaced.


Epic! My Best Actor nomination.


Was there ever a question about it? Non story here. No actual fan of the show would think they would ever recast that part


Just make his character into a cartoon that exists in a live action world and use voice clips from old episodes. Problem solved.


Just the way she goes boys. You will be missed Jimmy. Don't know what Boobandy is gonna do without ya. Lil drinkypoo in your honor


They are still making Trailer Park Boys?!? Thought it was cancelled=/


TPB just won’t work without Mr. Lahey! Put a pin in it boys, that’s a wrap.


Sleep well sir great actor


Something fucky going on here


Nobody cares


I watch a lot of TV, but I've never heard of this show.


Good Mr. Lahey WAS the liquor!!


Irreplaceable character.. RIP funny man.!!!!




he's flying with the sh*thawks now, RIP


Good. The story can and should continue but there's no replacing the liquor snurf. RIP

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