UFC's Tyron Woodley: Demi Lovato Could Take Real MMA Fight, No Joke!


Demi Lovato can fight -- in fact, she's such a beast in the gym, UFC champ Tyron Woodley is convinced she could hold her own in a real MMA bout. 

Lovato has been training her ass off at the Unbreakable gym in L.A. for more than a year -- and owner Jay Glazer has previously told us she WANTS to fight for real. 

Well, Tyron says ... IT'S TIME! 

The UFC star spelled it out on this week's "Hollywood Beatdown w/ Tyron Woodley" -- where he said he's been in the gym with Demi and saw her fighting skills first hand.

There's more ... Woodley also tells us what's REALLY going down behind the scenes with Jon Jones

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Demi couldn't fight and handle this BBC up in her. No way she ready MMA


Demi vs PVZ
I'd pay to see that...indeed
...no offense, broomhilda...


so her wonky chin is disappearing for a reason...


Im way hotter than her


They r deleting my comments about her l m f a o


HEY DEMI, Im gonna drink a detox bottle while in the gym, imagine the ways you going to die


Tmz is censoring co ca i n e comments about her bc they sells to her


Lmao waiting to be approved







Stairway to HELL


Co ca i ne + fried chicken = straight to hell


Id stray her out to coma


This chick wouldnt survive at my hands


HEY Didnt you guys thought that Mcgregor could also beat Floyd? LMAO


LMAO they r already deleting my comments bc she already knows that I want to RIP her as Amanda did with Ronda! I want your grave, fat ho3!


The only thing that this chick knows is eat fry chickens, commiting cannibalism


I dont have even HALF of her cellulites


My body is WAY more fit than hers.


Ill smash you back to Disney's World of snow


They r selling her as they sold Ronda. N we know where this leads. :)


I can beat her in a sec.


Demi can do anything as long as her buddy COCAINE is with her !!


my dick is ready for Demi


Demi Lovato in the hospital wearing a full body cast in traction after her first fight: "What happened back in the octagon coach?"

Coach: "I believe your opponent used the ancient technique known as 'hitting back'."


She is fat.


There's nothing wrong with inviting a few ghetto blacks over and partying with them while not wearing pants.....πŸ‘¨πŸΏπŸ†πŸ‘¨πŸΏπŸ†πŸ‘¨πŸΏπŸ†




Nate Marquardt, Stephen Thompson, Jake shields, Rory McDonald all beat this guy. He's scared to fight people on a full camp. Too copy for someone that isn't all that good.


Just in time for the biography lol.


I'd pay real money to see her and Harvey Weinstein in the Octagon!


Why is this even an article???


What an utter and complete lie. This is the very type of guy who gets celebrities hurt, via pandering. It would take her up 6 years before she'd be ready.


In all seriousness, she is Bipolar 1. If you know anyone else who is, this will all make sense. She is completely manic at this point. She is either not taking her meds, or has been prescribed improper meds. Maniacs think they can accomplish anything. She will eventually crash hard from this into a tailspin depression episode.


He’s not just saying that to get in her pants, he really really really means it!!!! Tooootally!!




She would be really hot if she dropped about 20 more!


She is so lost. If your a singer why would you wanna hurt your face. #realtalk


I always thought Evan was kind of attractive


Just because you're fat, bald, 40 and you sport gay facial hair, doesn't make you a fighter or a trainer of fighters, yo


That level of stupidity would just be depressing


Like she thinks all these muscles that are meant to be on men would give them wood if they're on her


Can you imagine a woman who is so stupid she thinks a man would want to lick her big biceps ?


Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.


Richard Simmons is pretty genderless


Punk do a legit 3 months hard training and it'd draw.


I guess if you're going for some kind of genderless legacy then knock yourself out. Creepy


Women who try to be men come across as freaks of nature


Women who try to be men are idiots


Get the UFC to sign her us as a featherweight. Get her signed for a fight and then have her bow out of the fight due to a training injury and retire. Then she could say she retired as the #4 ranked featherweight in the UFC. The weight class only has 3 fighters so far.


Maybe she should start with a regular JiuJitsu tournament since she hasn’t competed even once. These guys are just hyping her up.


I'll bet she's at least a better fighter than singer.


Woolley is so hot. Yum.


She would probably be more exciting to watch than Tyron.


I've been up in Demi's bhole yall


She thick asf.


I will pay any amount of money to see her fight Cyborg in the octagon. I will also be willing to donate to her funeral.


She shouldn't get into that sport competitively if she has an eating disorder


I'll bet she can. As long as she is amped up on SPEED !


just means she will get aggressive on coke now, LOL

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