Gucci Mane & Keyshia Flossing $120k Lock and Key Wedding Gift


Gucci Mane's diamond heart has just 1 key ... and luckily his new wife Keyshia Ka'oir is holding it.

The newlyweds got a pretty baller gift from Gucci's best friend -- Pierre "Pee" Thomas, CEO of Quality Control Music -- two 28-carat diamond necklaces, and each has an additional 15-carat diamond pendant attached.

Gucci got the heart pendant, and wifey has the key. The jewelry -- made by Wafi Lalani at Jewelry Unlimited in ATL -- was delivered in an awesome case that plays Gucci's song "Curve." 

Now, that's how ya lock it down.



satanic wedding


Seriously? You can pick those up at Walgreens...🤣😂🤣😂🤣


Tacky AF. It's astounding what people will pour that much money on.


It’s worth 1/4 of what they paid. Diamond chips are nothing. Dumb dumb for spending that &






I mean sure it's nice.. but why is this an article? Why didn't Gucci sue to have his name changed?


Materialism and love don't coexist.


...much ado about nothing...


They can always pawn that garbage next year when nobody knows who these people are.


lol lol lol we ALL KNOW this will not work out I hope he got an IRON-CLAD prenup. #realtalk #TRUTH


Another two pieces of very ugly jewelry.


2 things:
First; His friend's nickname is "Pee"?! I'm going to start calling my pal, "B.M".
Second; Rappers have the most gaudy and unsophisticated taste in jewellery. Each time TMZ shows a new piece of jewellery that one of these poorly educated, unsophisticated, vulgar bores has had made for him/her, it's always more audacious and ridiculous than the last one...


Are those suits light yellow?


You got your gold gang bling and showed it off. Now go take a knee.


Why wasn’t Gucci’s mother at the wedding?!


Those white suits on those black men are culturally insensitive and racists. Outrage! Protests!


Gucci should sue him for making such an ugly chain with their brand on it.




Like flies in a glass of milk...


The guys should have used more bleach on their suits, they're not nearly as white and the ladies clothing in the background.


Gucci sold their rights long ago. With the result of havin gucci flip flops all over the world.


He’ll push her out the moving car going down 285 during rush hour soon as he gets mad.


And they all wonder about getting robbed and the homes are getting broke into, flaunt all you bling so they can see it. Stupid people.


Who are these idiots?


all that cheap crap will be in a pawn shop in a few years!


All in white.......


Ooooo pawnshop goodies. Ten cents on a dollar or less. In the 90's my drug addict musician friends and associates pawned me their jewelry; gold chains, rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, gold and instruments. It took me awhile to figure out they were not coming back for it.


Lol, more tacky crap.


Finally a beautiful piece. Usually their stuff is hideous.


So nothing for disabled kids and at risk youth? Nothing? but you'll take a knee and disrespect the flag like those NFL thugs for two minutes but you people refuse to think of anyone but yourself. This is why most rappers go broke. Spending stupid crap like this.

They only think of themselves.


I can't wait to watch the E True Hollywood story on this guy. You know, when he's divorced, broke, homeless, and dead.


What's Gucci Mane and what does It do?


4...3...2...1......Kevin Hart type smex tape with a pole dancer. Wife keeps the cubic zirconia and get a spot on the Househoes of Ghettotown.


Gon be broke in 2-3 years at this rate. No financial planning.


I give it 2 years before Gucci is throwing her out of his car.

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