'Sammy the Bull' Gravano Resurfaces at Old Haunts with New Tattoo Sleeves


Notorious Mafia hitman-turned-rat, "Sammy the Bull" Gravano, has a gnarly new look after 17 years up the river -- but he's got the same taste in Italian food.

Gravano resurfaced at Uncle Sal's restaurant in Scottsdale on October 9 -- a few weeks after his release from prison -- to pick up a takeout order. We're told he popped in with his son and stayed for about 15 minutes.

Despite his new sleeve of tattoos and shaved head, we're told patrons recognized the former mobster. Makes sense ... Sammy's fam used to own the restaurant. His wife kept running it for a few years after he was busted for running an ecstasy ring. 

If Uncle Sal's sounds familiar, it's the same spot where Harvey Weinstein had dinner the night before beginning rehab. 'The Bull' was there a couple days earlier.



Wow, he looks old. And if Tmz can find you then so can the mob. They hate this guy's guts.


Welp, man's gotta eat!


Does Omerta in the mob even exist today?, Or, is silence in today's mob regulated by how many pieces of silver is offered?


I wonder why all the mobsters move to Scottsdale when paroled?


His daughter Karen use to be cute from the TV show she was on......Sammy did his time and a long time at that...


The guy is 72. Not many in his profession see that age. Surprise...


Don't get me wrong.I'm no where near perfect or not done wrong in my life but WE can't just anyone no matter what.


May be a country red neck hillbilly girl ,but once a snitch always a snitch.some thing not rite with him breathing.


sammy has been a criminal his entire life,he will continue to be a criminal


Welcome Back Sammy, Respect


Why is he still breathing? The Mob never forgets or forgives.


Hes alive, hes alive! lol!


Looks like McCauley Caulkin in a few years.


Birth Certificates or are they Bond Certificates: http://www.youtube.com/play...


Mob SCUM!!!!!


In California he would have become a congressman!!! Brahahahahahahahahahahahahahah


Dude looks like he is 100 years old!

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