Breaking news on wnbcs noon news facebook is down

Breaking news on WNBC's noon news: "Facebook is down"

Breaking News:Facebook & Mobile Internet Services Shut Down|బ్యాన్ కానున్న ఫేస్బుక్,మొబైల్ ఇంటర్నెట్


Facebook Doubles Down on Instant Articles: Tech News Today 1351

News Update: Facebook Back Up After Second Outage in 2 Days

Facebook is down on May, 8 2017

facebook is down (breaking news)

Facebook Down Worldwide: Instagram, Tinder, AIM and Hipchat All Down

BREAKING NEWS - Facebook Is DOWN! 28/9/2015

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Facebook Down World Wide! Experiencing a social media blackout

Facebook's trending news still suspect, Pandora rebrands (Tech Today)

Facebook Is Down, Facebook and Instagram are down right now

Facebook is down? Error Message? FIX September 2017! SOLVED

Facebook Goes Down, People Call the Police!!!

ALERT BREAKING NEWS !!!!! Facebook Is Down AND THE Dow Is Down 328 Points

BBC News - Facebook to review 'hateful' content following complaints

News facebook ist down :-(


Facebook Down + Instagram Outage "Not A Third Party Attack"

Facebook Servers Temporarily Down Across the World.

OMG! FACEBOOK IS DOWN! Did Hell Just Freeze Over? (Oops, Its Back!)

Business News: Facebook down 43%

Facebook, Instagram down, Twitter explodes

Facebook bringing the news straight to your feed – report

FaceBook Is Down, Facebook and Instagram are down right now

WNBC: News 4 New York At 6pm-Breaking News Open--12/08/13

NEWS - Facebook Down - September 24, 2015 - A major outage

Facebook Latest News: Ahead of the Bell: Analyst Upgrades Facebook

Facebook Is Down And Having Issues, Instagram Too #Instagramdown

Facebook's latest update gives you a more personalised news feed

WNBC News Open

FoxNews Facebook down! FREAK OUT!!!

NBC Nightly News: Chuck Scarborough Marks 40 Years at WNBC

Police Had To Ask People To Stop Calling 911 When Facebook Was Down

WNBC 1995 News Close.

Facebook Instagram down Twitter explodes only on Top Newss