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Facebook Is Down And Having Issues, Instagram Too #Instagramdown

Facebook and Instagram DOWN 😱: Social Media Users Despair & Turning To Twitter 😅

Facebook, Instagram down, Twitter explodes

Facebook, Instagram dispute hacker DDOS claim after global outage

Facebook and Instagram DOWN Social media users despair as two major networks knocked offline

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FACEBOOK IS Down Instagram also


Facebook down, il social network non funziona. Problemi anche per Instagram

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Facebook and Instagram DOWN Social media users despair as two major sites knocked offline

Facebook is down? Error Message? FIX September 2017! SOLVED

(SOLVED) Facebook is Down for Required Maintenance on 26-08-17 [7:20 - 7:50] @ VARUNgWEB

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FaceBook Is Down, Facebook and Instagram are down right now

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Facebook is down in 2017

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Lizard Squad Hackt Taylor Swift // Facebook & Instagram Down // GROßER DDOS ANGRIFF!!

Facebook Is Down, Facebook and Instagram are down right now

Facebook is Down Half an Hour 8-26-2017 !

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