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Riverdale - Jughead Scenes Pt.1

Riverdale 2x08 Jughead breaks up with Betty (2017) HD

Riverdale 2x05 Archie tells Jughead that Betty doesn't want to see him anymore (2017) HD

Riverdale Betty and Jughead 1x13 (3/3)

Riverdale Betty and Jughead 2x06

Riverdale 2x05 Toni kisses Jughead (2017) HD

Riverdale Betty and Jughead 2x01 (1/2)

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'Riverdale': Betty Strips for Jughead! Vanessa Morgan Spills On-Set Secrets About the Serpent Dance

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Riverdale 2x06 Archie and Jughead drag race with the Ghoulies (2017) HD

Riverdale 2x05 Nick drugs Cheryl, Jughead gets beaten up to become a Serpent (2017) HD

Riverdale 2x08 Archie and Veronica sing 'Mad World' by Gary Jules but Betty takes over (2017) HD

Riverdale 2x05 Betty tells Archie to breakup with Jughead for her (2017) HD

Riverdale | Jughead & Betty Kiss | Season 1x6

Riverdale 2x07 Archie helps Jughead deliver a crate at Penny Peabody's request (2017) HD

Riverdale 2x04 Betty visits Jughead at his house (2017) HD

Riverdale 2x06 Betty helps Jughead fix a car (2017) HD

Riverdale 2x04 Betty and Jughead fall asleep and snuggle (2017) HD

Riverdale 2x07 Opening Scene (2017) HD

Riverdale 2x03 Jughead meets Toni and she gives him a tour of Southside High (2017) HD

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Riverdale's Jughead Cole Sprouse on Asexuality, Betty, and Managing Fan Expectations

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